June 15, 2018 Final day ASIW


This was the final day of Art and Science in the Woods for 2018. We had the major class all day. We visited a number of different habitats (including the old white oak and Dry Run Creek). Here are a few photos of the habitats we visited today (and on prior days).

This is the main pond by our tent.

Panaromic view of main pond by our tent.

This is the smaller pond (half way up the hill).

Panorimic view of smaller pond

Lastly, this is Dry Run Creek.

Dry Run Creek

Final List of Insect taxa encountered in 2018

As we explored the fields and woods, we continued to put together a list of insects we encountered. We were able to identify most to family level. I have organized these below (by order). This is an updated list (new families/ orders encountered today are marked with an asterisk). This list expands on the insects encountered on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

For those who are curious about our running total. Over the course of all five days, we have encountered:

  • 17 orders of insects (16 if you exclude Collembola)
  • 87 families of insects (86 if you exclude Collembola)

Again, most of these insects were captured by students in the Illinois Insects classes (both major [morning] and minor [afternoon] classes). Since they are just learning about insects this week, I find this to be a most impressive list so far. Since this is the final list, I have also included links to more information for each of the families on Wikipedia (just follow the links).

Class Entognatha – Subclass Collembola

Order Entomobryomorpha

Class Insecta

Order Blattodea

Order Coleoptera

Order Dermaptera

Order Diptera

Order Ephemeroptera

Order Hemiptera

Order Hymenoptera

Order Lepidoptera

Order Mantodea

Order Mecoptera

Order Neuroptera

Order Odonata

Order Orthoptera

Order Phasmatodea

Order Plectoptera

Order Thysanoptera

Other Arthorpods


We spent most of the day walking. My total mileage was over 8 miles (not the usual 7). Coupled with the 33 miles I walked previously, I have now walked over 41 miles at the Sun Foundation in 2018. I think that must be some sort of record. In case anyone is curious that is roughly 85,000 steps.

Again, my sincere thanks to Allison, Olivia, Elijah, and Mary for all their help during this week. You helped make the class what it was.

Allison decorated her hat throughout the week and recorded those insects that she found most interesting. Here is one view of her hat at the end of the week.

Allison's hat

Personally, I am already looking forward to the class in 2019. I hope to see you there.

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