Puzzler Number 1

Periodically, I plan to post images of insects I encounter in central Illinois. In this case, it is the middle of January, 2019 and I have a number of living insects on a stag horn fern in my home. Here is a photo (yes, it is significantly magnified). Some of the insects are highlighted with red circles. No, they never move as adults. The shiny substance on the surface of the leaf is sugar (which these insects produce). The first one to tell me what these insects are may win some sort of prize at Art and Science in the Woods 2021 (as long as you were in one of my insect sessions). What are these? You must be specific. I will accept either the scientific name or the common name. Just complete the contact form and indicate your are solving puzzler number 1.

Photo of a magnified part of a leaf of a stag horn fern showing insects.
Puzzler number 1